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I am Fletcher Tucker, born in 1983 in a little northern California, coastal, forest town. I have lived for the last seven years on the western slopes of the steep mountains of Big Sur, California.

Between 2005 and 2012 I released five full length albums and four EPs under the project-name Bird By Snow. I have mostly released music on my own label, Gnome Life Records, with a few releases on other labels in Japan and Europe. In 2011 I recorded a one-off improvised jaw harp album (Native Tongue) under the name Yurt. My final Bird By Snow album, Offering, was released in 2012/2013 (US/Japan). Since then I have been recording and performing under my own name. On June 30th of 2017 I released Cold Spring, the first Fletcher Tucker LP, and my finest work to date. Later in 2017 I will release a hand-painted 7" EP called Womb of Light, comprised of two pieces created in the early stages of the Cold Spring recording process.

I spent four years receiving and recording Cold Spring. It is the highest resolution presentation of the archetypes, ideas, and invocations that weave through all of my work. Specifically: deep connection with place, atavism, mytho-poetics, raw mystical experience, and liminal states of consciousnes. These are the things that matter to me, and they always have. But seven years of deep inhabitation in a truly wild place, and the pilgrimages, rites of passage, and rituals I have undergone there have shaped me, and I feel new. The work feels new too. So, I cast off all pseudonyms and artifices of separation.

I am a generalist is all things. I practice many forms of art-making. And I play many instruments with just enough skill to compose upon them. I record my own music on old analog machines, and I enjoy this most of all. I have also performed on, and helped to record, some beautiful albums by a few other artists including Little Wings, Daniel Higgs, and Fountainsun. In addition to music I also write poetry and essays, make sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs, videos, and prints. I study the wild, forage, hike, and teach workshops about re-skilling and re-connecting with wilderness and the depths of our own ancient selves.

Many indigenous peoples understood/understand that songs are co-creations between place and person. That they are not written, but rather arrive. That music is an aspect of nature itself. That it flows from a profoundly mysterious source. And that songs are powerful gateways through which we can enter the primordial, untamed realms of the heart-mind. I believe this more with each passing day, and I strive to serve the songs that find me.


photo (ambrotype) by Lindsey Ross
photo and sculpture by Fletcher Tucker
2017 (forthcoming) • "Cold Spring" • Fletcher Tucker • LP • Gnome Life Records
2017 (forthcoming) • "Womb of Light" • Fletcher Tucker • 7" EP • Gnome Life Records
2013 • "Offering" • Bird By Snow • Japanese CD version • Rondade
2012 • "Offering" • Bird By Snow • LP • Gnome Life Records
2011 • "Subtle Body" • Bird By Snow • Cassette EP • Gnome Life Records
2011 • "Native Tongue" • Yurt • Cassette • Gnome Life Records
2010 • "Afterbirth" • Bird By Snow • EP • Gnome Life Records
2010 • "Common Wealth" • Bird By Snow • LP/CD • Gnome Life Records
2010 • "One White Flag" • Bird By Snow • EP • Gnome Life Records
2009 • "Songbread/Another Ocean" • Bird By Snow • LP/CD • Gnome Life Records
2008 • "Sky" • Bird By Snow • Swedish CD version • Kning Disk
2007 • "Sky" • Bird By Snow • LP • Gnome Life Records
2006 • "Industrial Collapse" • Bird By Snow • 7" EP • Gnome Life Records
2005 • "Antlers and the Sun and All the Things that Grow Old and Pass Away" • Bird By Snow • LP • Gnome Life Records
Performer/Producer • "Sweep the Temple" • Fountainsun
Performer • "Explains" • Little Wings
Performer/Producer • "Music Today" • Fountainsun
Performer/Producer • "Made it Rain" • Little Wings
Producer • "The Measure of Mystery" • Daniel Higgs
Performer • "Eternal" • Sean Smith
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